Population & 就业预测

ARC has developed a new series of population and employment forecasts for the 21-county region through the year 2050. 这些预测帮助h888皇冠电玩手机端了解 亚特兰大地区的计划, a long-range blueprint that details the investments that will be made in the next 30 years to improve the Atlanta region’s quality of life.

使用ARC来深入研究这些预测 第十六系列预测仪表盘. 获得更多的区域洞察力 邻里关系 探索住房、教育、卫生和其他社区指标.



ARC预测,亚特兰大21个县可能会增加2个.到2050年,将有900万人口,使该地区的总人口达到8人.6 million. 以正确的眼光看待这种增长, it's as if all of metropolitan Denver will move to the Atlanta region over the next 30 years.


在2015年到2050年间, the metro Atlanta region's total population and employment is forecast to increase by 51% and 34% respectively, 在同样的30年里.


到2050年,每个县的总人口都将增长, 格温内特有望超过富尔顿11分,并成为亚特兰大市区人口最多的县.


ARC的预测还表明,1.2 million jobs will be added by 2050, bringing the region's total employment to 4.700万个工作岗位,包括个体经营者. As employment grows, job growth is forecast to be concentrated in the region's core. Cobb, DeKalb, Fulton, and Gwinnett counties will experience much of this job growth.


The region's older adult population is also growing rapidly as people live longer and the Baby Boom generation ages. 2015年,h888皇冠电玩手机端地区4%的人口年龄在75岁及以上. By 2050, ARC forecasts the number of residents age 75 and over will grow to 12% of our region, 总计刚刚超过100万人.

At the same time, the Atlanta region is becoming increasingly racially diverse. ARC预测到2050年, a majority of the population - nearly 70 percent - will be made up of racial and ethnic minority groups.

进一步的资源 & 文档

Additional resources and documents showing ARC's forecasting methodology

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